We want to help you stay healthy and pain free. That is why we are offering an exceptional package for new clients.

Your new client package will include:

  • A thorough chiropractic exam ( wearing comfortable clothes) to determine what is bothering you and why.
  • A neurological exam ( including eye movement, motor, sensory, and nerve testing) that will provide information on how to improve your brain function and nervous system to enhance your healing process.
  • A discussion of any X-rays or MRIs you bring in. We are contracted with a respected local X-ray lab if X-rays are needed.
  • Gentle specific adjustment and/or other modality (such as cold laser, ultra sound, etc.) that is suitable for your condition.
  • A review of all that we find as we make a plan to move forward.

This wonderful package is offered to our new clients at $150. That is a remarkable $140 savings!

We look forward to welcoming you into our family of satisfied and happily healing clients.

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